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DTL Canvas Structure - CE is a Course

DTL Canvas Structure - CE

Started Aug 5, 2021


Full course description

Welcome to the course on Canvas Structure!

One of the emerging technologies becoming ubiquitous in K12 education is the Learning Management System (LMS). The State of Wyoming is required by statute to support a common LMS for all K12 students. The Wyoming Department of Education has chosen Canvas as their supported LMS. This course is designed to give you an introduction to the main functionalities of the Canvas LMS, with the main focus being on delivering online and virtual content through Canvas. 

This course is divided into 6 modules. In order to receive credit for the course you must satisfactorily complete four of the modules (though you may complete all 6). For every module completed you will earn a badge/micro credential for your work. As you take additional courses you will be able to add to your micro credentialing in Digital Teaching and Learning.

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