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DTL-Pedagogy CE is a Course

DTL-Pedagogy CE

Jul 9 - Dec 23, 2021


Full course description

Welcome to the course on Digital Pedagogy! 

Every teacher develops and hones their particular educational philosophy for how students should be taught and how students learn. This philosophy is developed through the modeling done by previous teachers, through completing a teacher preparation program, and of course, through teaching. All of this development normally occurs in the face to face (f2f) classroom; however, many teachers question how to teach according to their educational philosophy in the online environment. This course, therefore, is designed to support you in the development of engaging online learning courses and activities developed through a particular pedagogical lens. 

This course is divided into 6 modules. In order to receive credit for the course you must satisfactorily complete four of the modules (though you may complete all 6). For every module completed you will earn a badge/micro credential for your work. As you take additional courses you will be able to add to your micro credentialing in Digital Teaching and Learning.

This course explores novel methods for teaching and learning in the online, virtual, hyflex, and hybrid environments.

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